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Todd’s love for stories with a supernatural twist started in high school. When he discovered a box of Dean Koontz paperbacks he knew he wanted to become a writer. But he also wanted nice things, so he went to college to become an engineer.

Todd Allen, Author

After earning a degree from Texas A&M University, he joined his father’s company selling petrochemical process equipment to plants along the Texas Gulf Coast. He worked hard each day and read voraciously each night. Eventually he couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to start writing.

It started with a screenplay. Then short stories. Soon he gathered enough confidence to try a novel—and that’s when he fell in love with writing. It became his nightly passion, creating stories where ordinary people overcame extraordinary obstacles.

Early on he realized that to become successful he needed more than passion. So he worked on his craft, joined online writing groups, studied the work of successful authors, and attended writing workshops and conferences. His writing improved, and literary magazines started buying his short stories. Hopefully one day you’ll see his novels on store bookshelves. He lives in Spring, Texas with his wife and three sons.

Book List

The Night Janitor

The next Vice President of the United States is also a cold-blooded killer.

Annamaria Gabor can kill with a whisper and a touch. Her victims remain unaware she’s given them a deadly disease. The cops will never arrest her. No jury would ever convict her. And no one can stop her--no one except her brother.

Luke Johnson can heal with a simple touch. He works as a night janitor in hospitals, where he heals patients as discretely as he can. Once people start to notice, he moves on to the next city—before the hired assassins arrive. Luke is a hunted man. His sister wants him dead because he knows her deepest secret. And she has big plans for her future only he can destroy.


The Keeper

Angel, spirit or ghost—the Keeper isn't sure exactly what he is. But he knows he needs to protect Michael Delacroix, a famous painter who is kidnapped and taken to a large family vineyard in the Napa Valley. The Keeper leads two women to the artist's rescue—a reporter who thinks her visions are messages from the Universe and a nun who swears she hears the voice of God.

The Keeper is a supernatural thriller that explores the differences in human perception. It uses a spirit narrator like in the bestselling novels The Lovely Bones and The Book Thief.


Short Stories

Below is a collection of a few of Todd's short stories. Read and enjoy!

Klonk's assignment

An alcoholic gets to play God for one day.

Originally published in Thought Magazine.



The Queen of Diamonds

A man discovers he's married to the most prolific serial killer in history—and she can never get caught. It won first place in a Backspace Short Story Competition in 2015.



the talented miss ripley

A foul-mouthed poet ignores all the rules and becomes a legend in her own mind.

Originally published in Chiron Review.




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